Practical Life Cycle Assessment for the Chemical Sector

Manufacturing companies wanting to reduce their carbon burdens are increasingly realising the significant contribution made by the materials they purchase. This is prompting them to request carbon footprint information from their suppliers. With no global unified standard, the scope of these requests can vary considerably.

In this webinar, we will introduce the technique of life cycle assessment that is used to generate carbon footprints and highlight how to design a methodology that is fit for purpose. We will then hear from a global chemicals company, who will share their experience in finding an approach that works for them and their customers.

Who should attend?

  • Chemicals industry professionals with responsibility for and/or an interest in carbon management and reduction or sustainability
  • Wider industry professionals wishing to learn about practical carbon accounting and reporting

Why should you attend?

  • Learn and/or confirm understanding of life cycle assessment
  • Understand challenges of comparing LCA studies and results
  • Hear about the challenges facing chemicals companies in carbon supply-chain reporting
  • Learn how Innospec is addressing these challenges


Simon Gandy - Technical Director and Waste & Circularity Co-Lead – SLR

A chemical engineer by original training, Simon spent seven years making shampoos for Procter & Gamble before taking an MSc in Environmental Technology (1999-2000). Since then, he has been an environmental consultant, advising public and private clients on matters of waste management, the circular economy, sustainability and life cycle assessment (LCA). Since his first study in 2005, Simon has performed LCAs on a very wide range of products and services, developing an expertise for applying the LCA method to assist each client with their particular goals, such as reducing their environmental impacts or understanding the relative performance of different design options.

Darcy Kelly – LCA Engineer, Innospec

After graduating as a chemical engineer, Darcy joined Innospec in 2022 to conduct LCA and product carbon footprint (PCF) assessments on Innospec’s wide range of specialty chemical products. Understanding the impact Innospec’s products have on the environment is crucial for Innospec and its customers, in order to implement an effective sustainability and carbon reduction strategy. Darcy has been responsible for the development and application of Innospec’s internal PCF calculation methodology and signoff process.

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