MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference

SLR is proud to be exhibiting at the upcoming SME MineXchange 2024 Annual Conference and Expo from February 25th to the 28th.

Stop by booth #1745 to connect with Jeremy Scott Collyard, Grant Malensek, Mark Mathisen, Stuart Collins, Ezra Coyle, Terry Mandziak, Matt Behling, and Rob Matter, and learn how we can support you on your next project.

About Our Presentations

Application of Innovative Approach to Passive Water Treatment at Abandoned Mine Lands and Active Mine Sites

Jeremy Collyard and Joe Laurino (Periodic Products) | Monday, February 26 at 4:25 PM MST

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) manages multiple Abandoned Mine Lands (AMLs) including many sites with impacts to surface water and groundwater. Of these sites is the Stormcloud Adit located near Prescott, Arizona. In 2020, ADEQ and SLR teamed up to perform a bench-scale test of a new treatment technology developed by SLR and Periodic Products for the treatment of mine impacted waters. This presentation will present the treatment approach developed by SLR and Periodic Products, the results of previous testing analysis conducted, and present the Stormcloud Adit project including the challenges at the site, the water quality, discharge criteria, bench-scale testing, and results of the project to date. This treatment technology and approach has proven to be successful for the treatment of mine impacted water at the benchscale and site level, including the Stormcloud Adit, and has been and is being tested at multiple other sites including active sites and may be a powerful tool for the closure and remediation of AMLs contributing to groundwater and stormwater impacts throughout the United States and beyond.

Detailed Dam Breach Population at Risk (PAR) Assessment, an Arizona Case Study

Ezra Coyle | Tuesday, February 27 at 9:05 AM MST

As Tailings Storage Facility’s (TSFs) Dam Breach Assessments (DBAs) become more sophisticated and begin to simulate something closer to a realistic breach outcome, subsequent Population At Risk (PAR) and Potential Loss of Life (PLL) assessments must also be done to a greater level of detail. Limited detailed guidance is offered on this subject, and it is left largely to the Engineer of Record’s (EOR) and client’s discretion and appetite for risk when it comes to the finer points of these assessments. This presentation/paper presents a detailed PAR quantification method and assessment for an Arizona TSF’s inundation zone, which effects a heavily populated residential and commercial area, utilizing census data, property records, aerial imagery and Department Of Transport (DOT) road use records. Note to the reviewer: The site and client/miner will be named during the presentation, just finalizing this permission currently.

The benefits and opportunities realized through an integrated and transparent closure cost model

Terry Mandziak | Tuesday, February 27 at 10:25 AM MST

Terry will present ‘The benefits and opportunities realized through an integrated and transparent closure cost model’, co-developed by SLR’s Jeremy Collyard and Balaji Subrahmanyan, a presentation on developing comprehensive closure cost modeling that can evolve from conceptual planning through execution. If you are interested in better modeling and estimation of costs for mine closure that can identify major closure project risks, track, and present model results in a manner that is relatable to all mining stakeholders, this is the presentation to attend.

Trends in Lithium Property Transaction Values

Grant Malensek | Tuesday, February 27 at 2:25 PM MST

Industry surveys show inflation and geopolitics have overtaken ESG as the biggest concerns, at least in the near term. It also seems that everything EV-linked is perceived to be where the opportunities are for 2023 and the immediate future with battery minerals and base metals being the most likely areas for consolidation. This presentation will look at some recent trends and metrics in the lithium property transactions over last five years.

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