Biodiversity & Natural Capital – An update on environmental drivers for business

  • Natural capital & ecosystem services
  • ESG advisory

Companies must rapidly understand how they impact and depend upon nature, and both the risks and opportunities this relationship presents. Additionally, they should be meeting the increased focus on reporting and disclosure. This is a lot to unpack, and so in this webinar we will provide an update on the changing landscape, and the key areas to focus on in getting started.

Who is this biodiversity & natural capital webinar for?

  • Anyone with business policy or strategy responsibility within the chemicals industry
  • Anyone who is working in or supporting the chemicals industry supply chain
  • Anyone involved in the chemicals industry sustainability reporting or the implementation of related policy and strategy

What will this biodiversity & natural capital webinar cover?

  • How to get started
  • Corporate risks and benefits associated with nature loss / gain
  • Nature & biodiversity in supply chains
  • Biodiversity metrics and monitoring
  • Natural capital
  • Nature and biodiversity reporting landscape


Stewart Lenton – Natural Capital and Nature Lead - Europe

Stewart is SLR’s Natural Capital & Nature Lead in Europe, is member of the EIC Nature and biodiversity Task Force, and is Chair of the SLR Global Natural Capital Team. Stewart has worked with a range of external organisations in the development of SLR’s approach to Natural Capital. He is also leading SLR’s TNFD development group.

He has delivered many presentations, webinars, and workshops on Natural Capital and how this can be used to drive improved environmental performance. Working alongside specialists in climate risk, ecology & biodiversity, and ESG reporting, Stewart has helped to develop a number of strategic approaches for Natural Capital solutions within the UK and internationally.

Ida Bailey – Natural Capital and Nature Lead – Europe, and Biodiversity Consultant

Ida has over 17 years’ experience in ecological consultancy and research, both in the UK and internationally. She has a broad environmental knowledge and commercial experience including undertaking survey design, baseline surveys, collation of data, and assessment of potential impacts due to development and post construction monitoring.

Ida specialises in ecological restoration and natural capital projects, including in relation to: off-setting & in-setting, mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain, voluntary biodiversity credits, rewilding, and corporate biodiversity policy and strategy commitments, such as those to improve biodiversity status and monitoring on client’s sites and within their supply chains.

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