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SLR is proud to be a gold sponsor for the upcoming International Conferences on Mine Closure 2023 in Reno, Nevada from October 2nd to the 5th.

Stop by Booth #705 to connect with Chris Meikle, David Ritchie, David Walker, Jeremy Scott Collyard, Matt Behling, Rob Colston, Terry Mandziak, and Zeke Baumgardner and learn how we can support you on your next project.

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About Our Presentations

The benefits and opportunities realized through an integrated and transparent closure cost model

Terry Mandziak | Tuesday, October 3 at 2 PM PDT

Terry will present ‘The benefits and opportunities realized through an integrated and transparent closure cost model’, co-developed by SLR’s Jeremy Collyard and Balaji Subrahmanyan, a presentation on developing comprehensive closure cost modeling that can evolve from conceptual planning through execution. If you are interested in better modeling and estimation of costs for mine closure that can identify major closure project risks, track, and present model results in a manner that is relatable to all mining stakeholders, this is the presentation to attend.

An innovative approach to accommodate the draft national mine closure strategy in South Africa by predicting pit lake water quality and generating a post-closure resource using passive treatment

Rob Colston | Tuesday, October 3 at 4:30 PM PDT

Rob is deputizing for Jamie Robinson. Rob will be presenting a paper regarding the prediction of pit lake water quality in South Africa and how passive treatment can make pit lake water suitable for reuse in agriculture. The study estimates water quality degradation rates, indicating the water would be usable for over 200 years.

Sustainable post-closure groundwater management concepts and enhanced environmental outcomes for longwall mining

Chris Meikle | Tuesday, October 3 at 5 PM PDT

SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd supported the development of an innovative and sustainable post-closure groundwater system for an operational underground mine within New South Wales. The objective of the design was not to completely ‘seal’ or prohibit outflow of water from the mine, but to control groundwater recovery and subsequent outflow through the natural permeability of the surrounding strata, directing it to a controlled location. Through a collaboration between hydrogeology, geotechnics, hydrology, and water quality specialists, SLR was able to develop a bespoke closure solution that met the client’s needs.

Risk considerations for Brazilian tailings dam closure

David Ritchie & Zeke Baumgardner | Wednesday, October 4 at 2:45 PM PDT

The January 25, 2019 failure of the Corrego de Feijao tailings dam in Brumandinho, Brazil resulted in 270 lives lost along with significant environmental and cultural heritage impacts. The Public Ministry of the State of Minas Gerais (MPMG) initiated a series of dam safety audits to enhance dam safety oversight and effect change within the Brazilian mining industry. SLR Consulting (Canada) performed various dam safety audits on behalf of MPMG. Within this presentation, David and Zeke will present findings observed by SLR and the changes that have been enabled since that assessment.

Laboratory Test for Confirmation of Natural Attenuation in Groundwater

Tom Patterson & Dr. Tedros Tesfay | Thursday, October 5 at 11:45 AM PDT

This paper describes the conceptual hydrogeochemical site model and geochemical attenuation mechanisms that are based on neutralizing the acidic conditions in groundwater using the native aquifer materials and the concomitant precipitation and adsorption of metals that occur when pH increases. The paper also describes a sequential batch leach test designed to confirm the attenuation mechanisms and develop quantitative or semi-quantitative performance objectives for the CAMP. The regulator has approved the special batch leach test procedure for the demonstration of the attenuation model.

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