Energy management, decarbonisation and circularity for the chemicals sector

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SLR has provided technical programme management and mentoring support to a major international fertiliser and chemicals company on its global energy reduction programme since 2013. To date, the programme has resulted in implemented energy-saving projects with cumulative energy cost savings of almost $100m


In 2022, our client enlarged the scope of work to include both Net-Zero Carbon and Circularity, following a successful pilot at one of its smaller manufacturing sites in the Middle East. Two further Energy/Net-Zero and Circular Economy “Zoom-Ins” were conducted in 2022, with an ongoing programme planned to roll out the enlarged programme to all major production facilities in 2023/24.


The Zoom-In approach has been adapted to encompass Circularity. Our consulting team will start by using raw materials and production data to map out the process flows and conduct a detailed mass balance of each facility, which helps to gain insights into opportunities for process improvement, waste minimisation, re-use of waste products, and identifying new markets for by-products which otherwise would be unused.