Sue Reuther

Energy Sector Leader – Africa



Sue has more than 19 years of experience in the environmental assessment sector. Her core expertise includes Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA / ESIA), including IFC / PS compliant processes, strategic assessments and spatial planning. She has managed complex projects in South Africa, Southern and West Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia for a range of sectors, including mining, infrastructure, industrial and coastal developments, renewable and conventional power generation, aquaculture and oil and gas.

Sue has expertise in Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD) reviews against Good International Industry Practice (GIIP) and acting as the Independent Environmental and Social Consultant (IESC) for Lenders on projects in Africa and the Middle East.

Sue also undertakes economic and socio-economic impact assessments since 2006 for a range of projects, including renewable energy, infrastructure and mine (closure) projects in South Africa, Africa, South America and Asia. She also has been undertaking and reviewing visual impact assessments since 2006 for a range of developments, including infrastructure, mining and alternative energy projects in South Africa and Africa.

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  • Insight

    07 May 2024

    13 minutes read

    Managing environmental and social risks of green hydrogen / ammonia (GH2) export projects in Africa

    by Stuart Heather-Clark, Sue Reuther, Stephan Van Den Berg

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