Mark Caslin

Energy Sector Leader – Asia Pacific



Mark Caslin is the Energy Sector Leader for Asia Pacific and is based in our Brisbane office. Mark is responsible for overseeing and providing direction on various environmental projects in the oil and gas sector which have involvement from a range of specialist technical skills. This has included management of numerous multidisciplinary environmental teams with the view to preparing environmental impact assessment reports for submission to regulatory agencies.

He has approximately eighteen years’ experience as an environmental consultant and as a project manager/project director with specific technical expertise in environmental and industrial noise assessment and control with a focus on the oil and gas sector.

Mark has worked on numerous environmental assessments for oil and gas projects in Australia.These projects have included measurement, prediction and analysis of noise and vibration emissions from oil and gas projects (including LNG facilities) as well as from construction and manufacturing industries, mining activities, materials handling operations and road/rail vehicles.

Mark is competent in the use of the noise prediction modelling software (SoundPLAN) and in predicting noise emission from oil and gas infrastructure and large industrial developments.

Mark is familiar with the application of environmental legislation, at local, State and Commonwealth Government levels and he has been involved in varying degrees of community consultation.

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