CDP disclosure in 2024: What's changed and tips to prepare

  • ESG advisory

You can catch up on the webinar recording below:

As the CDP reporting period is fast approaching, SLR (a CDP-accredited partner) will explain what’s changed this year and offer tips on how to compile and improve your response.

This lunchtime webinar session will cover the following topics:

  • The CDP reporting timeline
  • What’s changed in 2024?
  • CDP’s alignment with other frameworks (ISSB IFRS S2 and TNFD)
  • Tips on best practice process when compiling your response
  • Tips on how to improve your previous years’ response

This year, CDP has introduced significant changes with a new integrated questionnaire, consolidating the environmental themes into one streamlined submission to enhance reporting efficiency.

Amy and Joe from our ESG Strategic Advisory team will run this lunchtime session to help guide you through the new changes and information required. The webinar aims to equip you with actionable insights about CDP, how to unpack and navigate the changes, as well as tips to maximise your efforts to respond to the revamped questionnaire.

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