SLR is a leader in climate adaptation and resilience planning and design, spanning geographies and across sectors. Our work helps governments and companies understand, plan for and address climate-related challenges resulting from sea level rise and intense precipitation, drought, and extreme heat. Our holistic approach to climate resilience strives to be inclusive and multi-disciplinary in order to develop place-based strategies to protect people, infrastructure and the environment, and create better outcomes into the future.

How can we help?

Climate resilience planning and design typically span many disciplines. We offer full integration of our speciality practises in community planning, hazard assessment and modelling, water resource engineering, landscape architecture, water and wastewater engineering, civil/structural engineering, transportation engineering, and construction administration, to bring projects from the planning level through design and construction.

SLR provides sector-specific assessments and designs to meet your climate resilience needs, including: 

  • Hazard mitigation planning
  • Hazard mitigation feasibility studies
  • Climate resilience planning
  • Shoreline management and protection strategies
  • Facility vulnerability assessments
  • Critical infrastructure & utility assessments
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Stakeholder engagement

Our team includes

  • Jon Philipsborn Manager of Climate Resilience
    Jon Philipsborn

    Jon serves as SLR’s Climate Resilience Manager. He advises clients on the strategic integration of climate change into planning, project development, and management decisions. This includes supporting public and private sector clients with disaster preparedness and climate resilience planning and identifying and implementing adaptation strategies. Jon is excited to work collaboratively on developing inclusive, meaningful, cross-sectoral partnerships, across geographies, that create positive climate, conservation and community outcomes.

  • Noah Slovin Associate Resiliency Planner
    Noah Slovin

    Noah is a Climate Resilience Planner with experience in GIS, fluvial geomorphology, water resource planning, hazard mitigation and climate resilience planning. He is particularly interested in community engagement and public outreach.

  • Jason Williams Principal Landscape Architect - Urban Design
    Jason Williams

    Jason is a Lead Landscape Architect and Urban Designer who provides visioning at project initiation, works to engage the public, and reimagines new spaces, from city blocks to small courtyards. His collection of work spans from regional and community master planning and conceptual site design to detailed construction plans. His projects include downtown revitalisation plans, coastal resilience and riverine restoration, multimodal/transit-oriented development plans, corporate campuses, educational facilities, parks, and linear greenways.

  • Xin Qiu Principal, Technical Director, Climate Change and Air Quality
    Xin Qiu

    Dr. Xin Qiu has over 30 years of experience in meteorology, climatology and air quality studies. He has led projects focusing on air quality, meteorology, severe weather, climate change, and GHG emission inventories, local/regional health impacts assessment in Canada and abroad.

    Xin is an Adjunct Professor of York University leading a climate change and advanced downscaling research project for Government of Ontario and Environment Canada. He is also a member of expert review panel for U.S. EPA’s Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program that engages some of the best scientists and engineers in environmental health, air pollution and microbial risk assessment. Dr. Qiu is an IPCC Expert Reviewer on the AR5’s Special Report of "Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation". He is the Expert Panel Member of Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for climate change.