North Saskatchewan River Ecological Assessment

North Saskatchewan River Spill Response Ecological Assessment


Saskatchewan, Canada

As part of the initial spill response activities involving the release of crude oil into a riparian area and large water course; SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd. was retained to provide aquatic advisory and technical services. In this role SLR lead the ecosystem characterization, aquatic habitat and risk (aquatic invertebrates and fish) assessments. This role included creating a comprehensive collection of fish and fish habitat, fish tissue analyses, benthic invertebrates, sediment and water quality; of the approximately 200 km study area. As well as obtain regulatory approval for aquatic habitat assessment and development of aquatic ecosystem characterization protocols in a large river complex. As a result, over 20,000 fish specimen were collected, identified, and sampled for biological measurements (length and weight).

Project Contributions

  • Advisory and technical services during Emergency Response and Project phases.
  • Development of aquatic monitoring program and technical protocols.
  • Liaison with provincial and federal agencies.
  • Fish habitat community mapping and assessment.
  • Fish and benthic community sampling and ecosystem characterization.
  • Risk assessment - fish consumption advisory and tissue analysis.

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