Renewal Project Assessment

Former Railyard Renewal Project Assessment Program


Saskatchewan, Canada

As part of the City of Regina’s Railyard Renewal Initiative on a former Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Intermodal Railyard site near downtown, SLR Consulting conducted various Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) activities to support the City of Regina’s site redevelopment plans into a multi-use residential and commercial development.

The team reviewed historic and current site information to confirm areas of potential environmental concern (APEC) and potential contaminants of concern (PCOC) to assist in preparation of site assessment work.

The work included a staged Phase II ESA program comprised of borehole drilling, monitoring well installation and a test pit program; excavation of four trenches traversing the site to detail fill conditions in the upper 2 m; conducting a Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment; providing recommendations on remediation objectives, strategies, and preliminary cost estimates; and discussions and advice pertaining to site redevelopment plans.

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