Old and rusted pipes and air ducts in run down building

300 Broad Street


Bristol, Connecticut, USA

SLR performed a Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the property in conformance with the scope and limitations of ASTM Practice E1527-13 and in general accordance with the relevant sections of Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection’s (CTDEEP’s) Site Characterization Guidance Document (SCGD; revised December 2010) with respect to the identification of areas of concern at the Site.  In addition, SLR conducted an asbestos containing materials (ACMs) survey to identify, quantify, and assess the condition of suspect accessible ACMs.  SLR conducted a visual and physical assessment and obtained samples to be analysed by an accredited lab. The assessments confirmed hazardous contaminates/materials were present and required appropriate removal for site restorations.

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