Client: Bilboes Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the proposed Bilboes Holdings (Private) Limited Sulphide Gold Project

October 23, 2020

Bilboes Holdings (Pvt) Ltd (Bilboes) own and operate the Isabella-McCays-Bubi Oxide Complex, which comprises three existing gold mining operations. The operations are located within the Bubi District of the Matabeleland North Province of Zimbabwe, north of Bulawayo. The operations at each of the above mines (currently on care and maintenance) entail the removal of goldbearing oxide ores from opencast pits, leaching of gold from the mined ores on heap leach pads to produce a gold liquor for carbon adsorption and electro-wining. The cathodes are ultimately processed and smelted to produce gold Doré.


The Bilboes Sulphide Gold Project entails the establishment of additional infrastructure required at each of the three existing mines to facilitate the extraction, handling and processing of the sulphide ore and would entail:

  • Mining of the existing open pits wider and deeper to extract the sulphide ore;
  • A new processing plant, and associated Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) to process the gold from the sulphide ore;
  • A new haul road of approximately 30 km to facilitate the transportation of the mined sulphide ore from Bubi Mine to the new processing plant which will be located at Isabella Mine;
  • Additional waste rock dumps; and
  • Establishment of associated facilities at the proposed processing plant (including a road network, offices, housing, power and water reticulation and other amenities)..

The planned establishment of some of the above-mentioned proposed infrastructure would also necessitate the diversion of an existing public road and powerline.

In accordance with the Environmental Management Act (Chapter 20:27) No. 13 of 2002 (as amended), and in terms of Section 48 of the Amendments to the Mines and Minerals Act (Chapter 21:05) of 1996, Bilboes have commissioned SLR Consulting (Africa) and Griynova Environmental consultants to undertake the requisite Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) process for the project.


Name: Tawanda Marongwe
Telephone: +263 775 263 479


Name: Nicholas Arnott
Telephone: +27 21 461 1118


The ESIA process has been undertaken to ensure potential environmental and social issues and impacts that would result from the proposed project are identified, assess potential impacts associated with the proposed project and present appropriate avoidance, mitigation/management or optimisation measures to avoid/minimise the identified potential impacts or enhance potential benefits, respectively. The ESIA study has been completed and a full copy of the report is available for download below.