Woogaroo Creek restoration

Client Name
Stockland Development Pty Ltd
Queensland, Australia
  • Landscape Architecture


Woogaroo Creek forms a 3.5 kilometre environmental spine running through the Augustine Heights residential development near Ipswich, Queensland.

Historically, this riparian corridor has been heavily degraded over many decades through clearing, nearby quarrying and the construction of an adjacent golf course.

Project challenges included dense weed infestation through all vegetation strata, high soil nutrient loads, stream bank erosion, deep sediment loads and stringent legislative assessment.


The involvement of SLR’s team over the past four years has ensured successful rehabilitation of the riparian corridor. The project was recently described by Ipswich Council officers as one of the best rehabilitation projects in the city.

Rehabilitation works have been undertaken seamlessly within overall estate works, ensuring no delays in delays in assessment of handover to the local authority.


To date, there has been approximately 81,000 tubes planted into 9 hectares. This ensures the stabilisation of 1km of creek line, while creating a fauna corridor through the estate.