artistic reconstruction of Wat's Dyke

Wat’s Dyke Scheduled Monument Interpretation


Wat’s Dyke, North Shropshire, UK

Pentre Wern Farm invited SLR’s Archaeology and Heritage team to tender for the production of a permanent on-site interpretation panel to be erected adjacent to a section of Wat’s Dyke which runs through one of its fields and is a scheduled monument.

The brief was to produce a panel that would include text, photographs, and an artistic reconstruction describing Wat’s Dyke and its place within the physical and political landscape, as well as the history and meaning of the monument. It also needed to mention The Wat’s Dyke Way - a long distance trail recently opened and waymarked nearby.

The panel can be accessed by the public at all times, it is vandal proof and set within a steel lectern frame angled at 60° from horizontal to ensure it can be read by children and people in wheelchairs.