Riverparks rehabilitation works

Client Name
Northerly Projects Pty Ltd
Queensland, Australia
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Ecology


Riverparks is a 600 lot residential subdivision in upper Caboolture north of Brisbane. The site is elevated and fronts the Caboolture River with a significant riparian and parkland buffer as a natural feature in the estate.

As part of the conditions for development the existing natural areas along the Caboolture River had to be rehabilitated to assist in the reinstatement of the riparian buffer. Due to the agricultural history of the site and decades of continued grazing, the riparian buffer has steadily been subject to weed infestation and erosion.

Whilst there is a solid base of existing endemic vegetation, removal of weeds and subsidised native planting to this area would help foster a healthy riparian ecosystem.


SLR’s Landscape and Ecology teams worked in collaboration with 28South Environmental, to generate Vegetation Management Plans, Drawings, Specifications and Maintenance Guidance for the Rehabilitation Contract.
Tendering and Contract Preparation was also undertaken by SLR prior to works on site. Our team was responsible for the contract administration and site approvals for the works in line with Moreton Bay Regional Council conditions.


The rehabilitation works on site have informed the design and character of other landscape and open space areas at Riverparks in order to retain, protect and enhance the unique riparian character of the Caboolture River within the estate.