CIVITAS Portis - Port cities: Integrating sustainability

Client Name
The European Commission
  • International transport and mobility research


Port cities present a number of mobility challenges. However, they also provide scope for planning, researching and implementing successful, integrated mobility solutions in complex urban contexts.


CIVITAS PORTIS designs, demonstrates and evaluates integrated sets of sustainable mobility measures in five major port cities located on the North Sea (Aberdeen and Antwerp), the Mediterranean Sea (Trieste), the Black Sea (Constanta), and the Baltic Sea (Klaipeda). The project also involves a major international follower port city on the East Coast China Sea (Ningbo).

Each one establishes integrated living laboratories clustering local measures according to four major aspects of sustainable urban mobility, namely governance, people, transport system and goods.


This helps partner cities prove that more efficient and sustainable mobility is conducive to establishing multi-modal hubs for urban, regional, national and international movements of passengers and goods. This, in turn improves the dialogue and cooperation between city and port authorities in order to incorporate port and regional dimensions in sustainable urban mobility plans.

SLR is leading the work around sustainable mobility innovation for growth in participant cities, ensuring that best practice from the demonstrations can be put in place. Many of the PORTIS measures are currently being implemented across all of the port cities.

The final task will be to provide the necessary building blocks for onward exploitation – these will be in the form of guidelines for other European cities.