Client: Nathoo Mbenyane Engineers (Pty) Ltd on behalf of The City of Mbombela Municipality

Proposed Rocky Drift Bulk Wastewater System Upgrade and Expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Works and Msholozi Sewer Outfall

April 22, 2021

The existing Rocky Drift Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) receives effluent from the town Rocky Drift, consisting of an industrial area, the formalized residential area of Phumlani. The town of Phumlani is provided with water supply via metered house connections and the existing industries within Rocky Drift and the Phumlani township are already served by a waterborne sewerage system. Recently, the residential area of Msholozi has been developed alongside Phumlani and while Phumlani is serviced by formalized waterborne sanitation, Msholozi is not serviced. Msholozi received town planning approval for the formalization of the residential area. As part of this process, the City of Mbombela (CoM) Local Municipality has proposed the provision of formalized water and sanitation services for Msholozi.

The existing 160 mm Ø bulk sewer pipeline from Phumlani to the existing Rocky’s Drift WWTW is the only current residential sewer outfall supplying the works. This pipeline will however be too small to cater for the increased sewage flows once the Msholozi waterborne sewerage system commences operations. The CoM therefore propose the upgrade and expansion of the Rocky Drift WWTW and installation of a Msholozi sewer outfall to increase the current operational capacity of the WWTW and to provide Msholozi with access to formalised water and sanitation services. Further details are available in the attached executive summary document.



The proposed project is subject to an Application for Environmental Authorisation and a Basic Assessment process as stipulated in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations, 2014 (as amended by GN. R 326 of April 2017). The proposed project will trigger activities 10, 12, 19 and 27 of Listing Notice 1, 2014 (GN. R 983 of 2014), (as amended by GN. R 327 of April 2017) and activities 12 and 14 of Listing Notice 3 (GN. R 985 of 2014), (as amended by GN 324 of April 2017).

The authority responsible for considering the application is the Mpumalanga Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs (DARDLEA).

In addition, approval in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (No. 25 of 1999) may be required.



The proposed project is subject to a Water Use Licence Application Process in terms of Section 21 C, F And I of the National Water Act, Act 36 of 1998, as amended.

The Competent Authority responsible for considering the Water-Use Licence is the Inkomati-Usuthu Catchment Management Agency.


Name: Amishka Mothilal
Telephone: (011) 467 0945


This Basic Assessment Report has been distributed in order to provide I&APs with an opportunity to comment on any aspect of the proposed project and the findings of the BA process to date. All identified I&APs were notified of the opportunity to comment on the BAR and provided with a copy of the Executive Summary of this BAR. The notice advised of the review period and confirmed this BAR’s availability for download on the SLR website.

Any comments should be forwarded to SLR at the address, telephone/fax numbers or e-mail address shown below. For comments to be included in the updated BAR, comments should reach SLR by no later than 24 May 2021.