Client: EnviroServ Waste Management (Pty) Ltd


April 30, 2021

EnviroServ Waste Management (Pty) Ltd (EnviroServ) own the Chloorkop Landfill Site (CLS) and operate it in terms of a waste management licence (WML) (Ref: 16/2/7/A230/D17/Z1). The CLS WML been amended a number of times, the most important for the present purpose are the MEC’s 2016 Height Amendment Decision (Gaut:006/12-13/W0001) and the 2019 Cell 7 Approval. A general condition of the MEC’s height extension decision is that the CLS WML’s validity period expires at the end of 9 August 2021, after which capping closure must be implemented.

The waste body at the CLS includes seven (no. 7) waste cells which comprise the authorized airspace for waste disposal. Cell 7 is the most recently developed portion of the waste body, providing 398 000 m3 of airspace. EnviroServ made application for approval to develop Cell 7 in May 2019 and construction approval was granted by the Department in September 2019. Construction was undertaken between November 2019 and September 2020, with various administrative and legal delays, including as a result of COVID-19. The Department accepted the construction completion report in October 2020 and Cell 7 was commissioned in November 2020.  As a result of the delays in the development and use of Cell 7, the authorised airspace will not be fully utilized by 9 August 2021.

Given ongoing demand for waste disposal services in the region and EnviroServ’s investment in Cell 7, EnviroServ has proposed to extend the validity period of the CLS WML to enable complete utilisation of the airspace in Cell 7, after which capping closure would be commenced.

EnviroServ has appointed SLR Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd as the independent environmental assessment practitioner. The Final Waste Impact Report for variation of the WML has been submitted to the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Name: Edwynn Louw
Telephone: 0114670945


SLR has produced a Waste Impact Report for the CLS WML variation application. The Report contains information on application, the rational and motivation for the extended WML validity period, and details on potential environmental and social risks and impacts. The report is available from the SLR website at: from 1 March 2021. Hard copies have been placed at the CLS site office and at the Phomolong library  (please follow COVID precautions if you access the hard copy report). Stakeholders are invited to submit written representation on, or objections to, the variation application within 30 days. For your submission to be included in the final Waste Impact Report, which will be submitted to GDARD for decision-making, please deliver these to SLR on or before 1 April 2021. The Final Waste Impact Report has been submitted to GDARD for decision-making.