Client: The South African national Roads Agency SOC Limited

N2 Section 18 Community Access Road Upgrade

December 15, 2020

In June 2020, SANRAL was granted an Environmental Authorisation by DEFF for the upgrade to the N2 Section 18 between Mthatha and Viedgesville. The primary objectives of the upgrade are to improve road safety standards along the alignment and to improve mobility and traffic efficiency. Currently, the N2 Section 18 has several informal community access roads joining the national route which pose a road safety risk to users departing the N2 or joining with it (See Figure 1-2 which illustrates an example of informal access to be diverted). As part of the upgrade to the N2 Section 18 upgrade, these accesses will be redirected to formalized intersections at Maqhinebeni, Qwe-Qwe, Payne and at Ian Woods Drive.
The redirection of traffic away from accessing the N2 will result in increased traffic volumes along the receiving routes. To ensure the functionality and longevity of these routes, SANRAL has proposed:
• Upgrading the existing road geometry to Class 4 and Class 5 profiles. The road alignments targeted for upgrade vary in current condition from formal accesses to vehicle tracks.
• Extending road alignment ensuring connectivity between areas; and
• Upgrading and installation of infrastructure to cross watercourses.

SLR Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (SLR) was appointed by Gibb (Pty) (Ltd), on behalf of SANRAL, as the environmental services provider. As part of the appointed services, SLR is responsible for compiling an Application for Environmental Authorisation on SANRALs behalf and undertaking the associated Basic Assessment process.


Name: Theo Wicks
Telephone: 0114670945


This Basic Assessment Report has been distributed in order to provide I&APs with an opportunity to comment on any aspect of the proposed project and the findings of the BA process to date. All identified I&APs were notified of the opportunity to comment on the BAR and provided with a copy of the Executive Summary of this BAR. The notice advised of the review period and confirmed this BAR’s availability for download on the SLR website (at Section 18 Community Access Road Upgrade). I&APs are also directed to hard copies of the BAR held by the municipal ward councillors and traditional authorities within whose jurisdiction the project is located. Any comments should be forwarded to SLR at the address, telephone/fax numbers or e-mail address shown below. For comments to be included in the updated BAR, comments should reach SLR by no later than 4 February 2021.