Client: Belton Park Trading 127 (Pty) Ltd

Belton Park Trading 127 (Pty) Ltd: Environmental Audit Report

October 23, 2020

Belton Park Trading 127 (Pty) Ltd (BPT127) holds a Mining Right for diamonds, precious metals, heavy minerals and rare earth elements, gemstones and phosphate in Sea Concessions 2C and 3C, located offshore of the West Coast. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations 2014 (as amended in 2017) require that an environmental audit be conducted in accordance with Section 54. BPT127 appointed SLR Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (herein referred to as “SLR”) as the “independent person” with relevant environmental auditing expertise to undertake the environmental audit of the Environmental Authorisation Conditions and Environmental Management Programme in accordance with Section 34(2)(a) of the EIA Regulations.


Name: Nicholas Arnott
Telephone: +27 21 461 1118


The Environmental Audit Report has been compiled and is available for download below.