Ashton arch bridge

SLR supports Ashton Arch bridge project in South Africa

The newly completed Ashton Arch in the town of Ashton, Western Cape, is South Africa’s first concrete tied arch bridge constructed using a transverse launching method. SLR is proud to be part of this exciting and unique project.

SLR has been involved in this project since 2006 when the Cape Town office was appointed by AECOM SA (Pty) Ltd to undertake the Environmental Authorisation process for the upgrading of Trunk Road 31 Section 2 between Ashton and Montagu. The project has been organised by the Western Cape Government: Department of Transport and Public Works. In 2012, the replacement of the Ashton Bridge over the Cogmanskloof River was included in the project scope and SLR was again responsible for the Environmental Authorisation process to include the bridge component. At the time it was already considered as quite an ambitious design and was dubbed early on as the new gateway to Route 62.

Construction on the bridge and the larger road upgrade project commenced in 2015 and SLR has provided the Environmental Control Officer services for the full project duration so far, undertaking monthly site visits since June 2015. 

The bridge replaces an existing multi-arch bridge, built in the 1930's, which did not fulfil its functional requirements, inter alia service life, width and hydraulic capacity, anymore.

The weekend of 14 to 15 August 2021 will see the long-awaited launch of the new Ashton Arch into its permanent position and SLR will be in attendance to observe activities as they unfold. For all the details of this unique bridge and launch event, visit the dedicated project website.

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