Renovated sidewalks and greenery at Library Park, Waterbury, Connecticut

SLR landscape studio launches refreshed park for Waterbury, Connecticut

Michael T. Doherty Principal Landscape Architect - Site Development
Michael T. Doherty

Mike serves as a Principal Landscape Architect with over 12 years of experience in landscape architecture, horticulture, and forestry. His work involves all aspects of landscape architecture, from master planning and site layout to grading, planting, and construction detailing, and he has a particular interest in ecological restoration and enhancements, low-impact design, alternative transportation, and creating outdoor spaces that promote healthy lifestyles. Mike's project experience includes educational and institutional master planning and site development, parks and recreation facilities, bikeways and trails, environmental enhancement projects, streetscape improvements, and residential, commercial, and industrial site development.

Newly renovated Library Park in Waterbury, Connecticut recently celebrated its opening featuring a refreshed and intricately designed park perfectly timed for summer gatherings.

Over 20 months in the making, the site development engaged a broad range of stakeholders including committed community and business leaders as well as SLR’s team of landscape architects, engineers, and surveyors to envision and construct this engaging park atmosphere. Working within a $2.0M renovation budget that included a Community Development Block Grant and generous private donation from Webster Bank, the SLR team paid homage to the historic Olmstead Brothers Park design while also introducing contemporary amenities.

Library Park is a central feature within the downtown historic district and as such all improvements are focused on highlighting the historic character of the site while inviting more daily users into the park to continue efforts in energising the downtown of Waterbury. Improvements include new contemporary plaza and strolling gardens, improved event lawn, decorative lighting, irrigation system, and preservation of existing mature trees.

Michael Doherty, landscape architect, commented “that the project planners envisioned a park that would draw folks daily, not just for large events. We wanted people to have a spot downtown that they could enjoy a bit of nature and a little respite.”

additional view of the renovated Library Park in Waterbury, Connecticut

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