Jeanine Gouin, US Operations Manager

Jeanine Gouin reelected on UCONN Board of Trustees

SLR is pleased to announce that Jeanine Gouin, SLR US Operations Manager, has been reelected to the University of Connecticut's (UConn) Board of Trustees for a second four-year term. Graduating in '87, Jeanine is one of two alumni representatives on the 21-member board. On the board, Gouin serves as the vice chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, as well as with the Executive; Building; Grounds & Environment; Institutional Advancement; Joint Audit & Compliance; and Construction Management Oversight committees. 

In addition to working with the UConn Board of Trustees, Jeanine has been a member of the School of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisory Board since 1995. She has been an invited guest lecturer in the School of Engineering and has been a keynote speaker at UConn's Open House. In 2019, she was named as an Honouree of the Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame and was named to the Connecticut Technology Council's Women of Innovation in 2017. Jeanine is a life-long Connecticut resident, a legacy UConn parent, and a passionate supporter of public education. 

'On behalf of all of us at SLR, we congratulate Jeanine on her reelection,' commented Kevin Rattue, SLR's US Regional Manager. 'We are proud of Jeanine's accomplishments in the capacity of a Board Trustee, and it is an inspirational example of how each of us can contribute positively to our communities and help to promote the education and professional development of those at all stages in their careers.' 

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