Carbon Reporting - In Association with the CIA

Carbon Reporting - In Association with the CIA

When: Tue 24 Nov, 2020
Where: Virtual Learning Environment

Why attend?

New government legislation came into force last year which now mandates all UK registered large enterprises to report their carbon emissions. This is the latest development in the increasing scope of mandatory carbon reporting, following on from other schemes such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, European Union Emissions Trading System, and Climate Change Agreements. In addition, organisations are increasingly aware of the need to understand the carbon impacts of their operations and processes with a number of organisations setting Net Zero/Carbon Neutral targets. The course will provide an insight into; the methodologies and principles of carbon reporting, an overview of the mandatory reporting schemes and who is captured by the legislation, voluntary carbon reporting and what the various schemes and terms involve/mean, and the benefits of understanding your carbon emissions.

Date & Location

Virtual Learning Environment

Note this course will be run in 2 parts on the mornings of 24th and 25th November 2020.


Part One

  •  Introductions & Course Overview
  •  Background to Carbon Reporting
  •  Carbon Reporting – The basic principles
  • ‘Scope 3’ Emissions – What they are and how they can be measured/reported

Part Two

  • Mandatory Carbon Reporting schemes – Overview including; EU ETS, SECR and ESOS
  • Voluntary Carbon Reporting schemes – Overview including; Carbon Neutrality, CDP, Science Based Targets
  • Product Footprinting/Life-cycle Assessment – The basic principals
  • Benefits of Carbon Reporting

Who should attend?

  • Existing environmental/energy managers, coordinators or other individuals with involvement or responsibility for energy and carbon reporting under mandatory schemes or for voluntary purposes.
  • Delegates wishing to gain an understanding of: the basic principles of; carbon footprinting, carbon neutrality categorisation of carbon emissions, how to present and report carbon emissions, the various existing government carbon reporting schemes including; EU ETS, SECR and CCAs, and voluntary reporting schemes such as CDP and Science Based Targeting.

The course will provide a high level review of all aspects of the reporting of carbon emissions and an insight into the benefits of understanding your organisations carbon footprint.

This course is for Manufacturing, Storage and Distribution companies only.

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