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Secondary containment – a summary of good practice in relation to CIRIA C736 - in collaboration with the Chemical Industries Association

Thu 11 Nov, 2021

11th November 2021 - 1pm-2pm BST

Major incidents over the years have highlighted deficiencies in the way inventory is stored at many sites and the harm such incidents can cause to the environment, people and property, not to mention the financial and reputational impacts to operators of cleaning up pollution incidents, fines and legal costs.

The Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH), the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) and the guidance on Appropriate Measures for the Biological Treatment of Waste in England Regulations require sites to ensure that adequate inspection and maintenance procedures are in place, along with a testing regime, and that any defects are managed appropriately.

This webinar will provide a brief background to the CIRIA C736 guidance on Containment Systems for the Prevention of Pollution, and will discuss the need for proper containment design and the often ‘forgotten’ importance of on-going maintenance and inspection of existing containment systems.


Danny Jones, Principal Process Engineer, SLR Consulting

Danny is a Principal with SLR Consulting and has over 20 years of experience in the management, treatment and disposal of landfill leachate and similar waste waters. In his role within SLR’s Process Engineering and Process Safety Group Danny provides consultancy services to a wide range of UK and overseas clients on issues relating to leachate management and treatment of industrial waste waters including the following:

  • Production of site management plans
  • Effluent management systems specification, review and optimisation
  • Effluent disposal options assessments
  • Technical and financial feasibility studies
  • Effluent Treatment Plant optimisation
  • New build or renovation of existing plant, process design, procurement, and delivery
  • Effluent Treatment Plant operation
  • Review of secondary containment infrastructure
  • Liaison with regulators and sewerage operators

Danny was the lead author for the Code of Practice for UK landfill operators in relation to bunding / secondary containment requirements of infrastructure that contains landfill leachate, the ‘UK Landfill Industry Code of Practice ‘The Establishment of Appropriate Containment Standards for Leachate Storage Infrastructure’. The document was published in 2017 and is in current use.


Ian Walton, Technical Director, SLR Consulting

Ian Walton is a Technical Director at SLR Consulting. He is a chartered civil engineer with over 30 years broad environmental consultancy experience working for both public and private sector clients. He has been responsible for managing and directing a diverse range of commissions including those in the public health, waste management, infrastructure and general development sectors. Ian is also

regularly called upon to provide expert evidence in relation to flooding and drainage issues.

Ian was retained by CIRIA in 2012 to author the update of the R164 design of containment systems for the prevention of water pollution from industrial incidents guided by a Project Steering Group drawn from industry and regulators.

Following publication of the updated guidance, C736, in 2014, he has provided advice to industrial and waste management clients on the compliance of their facilities with current guidance. Ian has also been using his expertise in flood modelling and drainage to review the adequacy of tertiary containment in relation principally to the retention of firefighting water.


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