Industry pollution

Industrial emissions directive & best available techniques reference documents (BRefs)

Tue 12 Oct, 2021

About the webinar

The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) is the overarching environmental legislation that introduced the Environmental Permitting Regulations into UK legislation and led to the publication of Best Available Techniques Reference documents (BRefs). The BRefs cover a wide cross section of industrial sectors, including the chemicals sector. This webinar will address:

  • Brief overview of IED
  • How IED is implemented in the UK
  • Best Available Techniques (BAT) and BRefs
  • BRefs relevant to the chemicals sector


Date & location

12th October 2021

12:30pm - 1:30pm (Timezone: London, GMT+1)



About the presenter

Paul Wright, SLR

Paul is a Technical Discipline Manager with SLR, chartered Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist. He is responsible for the Environmental Management, Permitting and Compliance team across Europe.  

  • Paul has delivered environmental permitting projects for numerous industrial and waste sector clients, ranging from permit applications, variations and surrenders and specialises in permit compliance issues.
  • His experience covers delivering projects for industry and waste sector clients, including the chemicals sector.

Paul has over 10 years' experience within environmental regulation, including as a regulator with the Environment Agency Wales/Natural Resources Wales where he specialised in industrial regulation, being responsible for the regulation of over 120 industrial sites. This regulatory experience is supported by over 20 years’ experience in Process Industry managerial positions, across a range of industrial sectors both in the UK and the Middle East.


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