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Workforce Development

Businesses share some common needs for success; a capable workforce that’s fully engaged, with structure and processes to ensure that everyone does what’s expected. We appreciate this requires a shared vision, management alignment, and a mix of individuals who can demonstrate they have the knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes to deliver what’s needed, day after day.

Competence Management and Training

An effective Competence Management System (CMS) must have procedures in place to define the processes needed to manage both individual and organisational competences against defined standards, aligned to business needs. Appropriate monitoring and review processes must also be in place to assess performance. Maintaining competence is essential for maintaining a safe and productive environment, to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Our experienced team can build on existing systems and procedures, to help develop and implement an effective CMS, aligned to recognised standards and guidance.

We can also provide a range of training courses covering common process safety topics. Examples include the following:

  • Competence Management Systems Development
  • COMAH Regulations
  • ATEX and DSEAR
  • Risk Assessment
  • LOPA and SIL Determination
  • Human Reliability Analysis
  • Functional Safety
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Management of Change
  • Process Safety Performance Indicators (PSPIs)

Instructor-led training can be provided onsite, at our offices, or via our online leaning platform.

Virtual Learning Environment

In response to a growing demand for online learning, we have adapted many of our courses to provide blended learning programmes, which allow much of the underpinning knowledge to be gained through activity-based interactive modules within an e-learning environment.

Within our virtual learning environment (VLE), standard and bespoke training modules can be combined into groups, with each module building on the outcomes of the previous one, to create flexible learning paths for individuals, teams, or departments. This means that learning can now take place anywhere at any time, using laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones. Learners can also share experience through messaging systems as they become part of an online learning community.

The VLE allows progress to be tracked and where testing forms part of an activity, reports and certificates can be provided as evidence of understanding or simply to show that learning has taken place. For those companies wishing to train large numbers of people, our course administrators can use grading tools and reports to provide in-house summaries.

Process Safety Qualifications

With the growing requirement for organisations to demonstrate process safety competence at all levels, and a particular need for board and senior management to prove understanding and competence in process safety, we have developed a series of integrated qualifications within the UK’s national framework for regulated qualifications.

The CIProS (Continuous Improvement in Process Safety) Qualifications enable organisations to demonstrate management competence to the relevant regulatory bodies whilst truly enhancing individual staff development and leadership skills in process safety management. The qualifications cover all levels from senior executives to supervisors, across all disciplines, and will be of benefit to anyone with an active part to play in managing process safety.

The Qualifications comprise a Level 7 Award in Understanding Corporate Governance in Process Safety and Certificates and Diplomas in Continuous Improvement in Process Safety at Level 3 and Level 7. 


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