Client: Red Cap Energy (Pty) Ltd

Hoogland Northern Grid Connection

March 18, 2022

Red Cap Energy (Pty) Ltd (‘Red Cap’) is proposing to develop four Wind Farms and associated grid connections (together referred to as the Hoogland Project) in an area located between Loxton and Beaufort West in the Northern and Western Cape Provinces. Hoogland 1 and 2 are located to the north closer to Loxton and form the Northern Cluster of Wind Farms that will share a grid connection named the Hoogland Northern Grid Connection. Hoogland 3 and 4 are located closer to Beaufort West and comprise the Southern Cluster which will similarly share a separate grid connection, named the Southern Grid Connection.

The scope of this Pre-Application Report is the Hoogland Northern Grid Connection which is subject to a Basic Assessment (BA) process. The proposed Grid Connection would have a total length of line of approximately 40 km and the 132kV line would connect the Northern Wind Farm projects to the adjacent Nuweveld Collector Substation.


Name: Liandra Scott-Shaw
Telephone: +27114670945


The Pre-Application Report for the above-mentioned project has been made available for a 30-day public review and comment period from 18 March to 22 April 2022. Should you and/or your organisation wish to comment on the report for the proposed project, comments should be sent to SLR, at the details above, by no later than 22 April 2022. 

A copy of the full report and appendices is available for download below.