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Brisbane QLD

SLR were engaged by Brisbane City Council (Council) to undertake the concept design of the clubhouse and provide a full detailed design for the maintenance shed at Whites Hill Reserve, a closed landfill site. The existing first floor clubhouse of Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association is subsiding and the ground floor maintenance area has been closed due to landfill gas constraints. A new, fit for purpose and safe design was required for the site, to enable the immediate design and construction of a new maintenance shed, and a longer term concept for a new clubhouse.

Our role

Project managing a range of environmental services and external services, working with Council & Tenant and pulling together a fit for purpose solution for a new maintenance shed and clubhouse on the landfill site. Utilising SLR’s extensive experience in civil engineering, land fill gas mitigation, contaminated land and constructibility enabled us to provide an infrastructure that reduces long term settlement whilst minimising landfill gas risks.


  • Maintenance shed design that enables future expansion to be used as facilities during event weeks, whilst housing maintenance equipment and irrigation systems.
  • Mitigation measures for landfill gas and subsidence built into the building design of the maintenance shed and clubhouse.
  • Maximising future social space whilst minimising large enclosed areas across the site to reduce landfill gas and subsidence risks.

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