Thredbo Slope

Thredbo Slope Remediation Design


New South Wales, Australia

SLR were engaged by the client to undertake a slope remediation options assessment and detailed design for a challenging section of road along near Thredbo in New South Wales, Australia. This section of road is well known for historical slope instability, and previous, traditional engineering measures to stabilise the road in this particular location had proven ineffective.  

SLR were tasked with developing a solution to stabilise the road shoulder in a highly constrained environment. Our team established that the instability was being triggered by interaction between a deep-seated failure and surficial creep on the down slope embankment, which was complicated by influence from previous remediation attempts.  

Our technical expertise in slope stability and remediation were key drivers in our ability to distinguish the likely mechanisms for slope instability and to enable development of an innovative way to stabilise the road shoulder 

The road was successfully rehabilitated by utilising strategic excavation techniques, soil nailing, reinstatement of the road utilising HDPE encapsulated expanded polystyrene blocks and sub soil drains to control the driving forces behind the slope instability, whilst maintaining serviceability. 

The outcome was a pragmatic, and cost-effective design, which was considered highly effective by the client.   

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