Removal of existing underground fuel storage tank

Tank Replacement


Connecticut, USA

Milone & MacBroom (MMI), now part of SLR, provided construction engineering and inspection services for replacement of underground fuel storage tanks at various Connecticut Department of Transportation Maintenance Facilities throughout the state. The work was conducted under a district-wide multiple year task order assignment and included multiple sites under one construction contract. SiteManager was utilised in administering the construction contract.

Construction activities inspected included:

  • Removal of existing underground fuel storage tanks
  • Removal of product supply piping
  • Removal of dispensing fuel pumps and island
  • Removal of fuel dispensing accessories
  • Removal of concrete slabs and bituminous concrete
  • Excavation and removal of regulated and controlled materials
  • Removal of existing electrical conduit and conductors
  • Installation of temporary fuel dispensing tank and pumps
  • Installation of new aboveground fuel dispensing tank and pumps
  • Installation of new aboveground diesel fuel dispensing tanks and pumps
  • Concrete pavement and bollards
  • Electrical components for powering fuel islands both temporary and permanent
  • Controls for fuel island operation and monitoring
  • Pavement repair/replacement
  • Tank and fuel line pressure testing
  • Coordination with facility during construction
  • Coordination with state Building Inspectors for code compliance and acceptance
  • Removal and replacement of building boiler and hot water heater
  • Removal and replacement of sanitary lift station concrete access cover
  • Installation of site lighting
  • Installation of chain link fence and access gates
UST Replacement in Connecticut

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