Farmington, CT

Safety & Traffic Operational Improvements


Connecticut, USA

Milone and MacBroom (MMI), now part of SLR, provided construction engineering and inspection services on a project providing Safety & Traffic Operational Improvements on Route 4 (Farmington Avenue) from Garden Street to Mountain Spring Road. The project consists of approximately 2,500 feet of roadway improvements on Route 4 through the Historic District of Farmington and the construction of a new road to improve business access and traffic congestion. These improvements include roadway reconstruction and widening, drainage improvements, traffic signal modifications, imprinted sidewalks, landscaping and site lighting. The construction was performed in five stages with long-term maintenance and protection of traffic controls. Extensive utility coordination was required to facilitate a water main replacement, gas main replacement, relocation of several underground communication duct banks and the relocation of aerial utilities. An 81” x 59” corrugated steel pipe arch replaces an existing open bottom stone culvert and three cast-inplace concrete retaining walls with a simulated stone masonry face were constructed. Additionally, several modular block and cast-inplace retaining walls were constructed. The culvert and retaining wall construction required temporary earth retaining systems. The entire site required handling and disposal of controlled materials. The project was funded through the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the firm performed the construction services and record keeping in accordance with CTDOT policies and procedures.

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