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Royal Australian Air Force Pearce Air 7000 Advisor Role


Western Australia

by CPB Contractors (CPB) to characterise a range of environmental media (concrete, asphalt, soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater) within the footprint of the Air 7000 project to provide CPB with options for onsite beneficial re-use, offsite disposal and treatment of impacted media.

Our team provided technical oversight along with additional support as part of the project. Preparation of an extensive Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) management plan for contaminated soil along with water and PFAS soil remediation trials and hydrocarbon soil remediation trials. SLR conducted waste classification of various media, beneficial re-use assessments and multiphase detailed site investigations, supported by preparation of sampling Analysis Quality Plans.

The development of a PFAS remediation options assessment was provided to the client. Production of multiple environmental risk assessments and liaison with waste management facilities, State and Federal regulators and the Department of Defence PFAS Branch lead to progression of the project which is ongoing.

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