Royal Mountain King Site

RMK Site Operations & Maintenance



Meridian Gold Company is closing this former gold mine in the foothills of the Sierras. The mine is located in an area with difficult geology (fault zones, dikes) and poor natural water quality (TDS ranging from 500 to over 15,000 mg/L and naturally-occurring arsenic). Furthermore, it is difficult to differentiate the native water from the mining impacts. Four of the waste management units were constructed and closed under the variance provisions of Title 27, California Code. Saline water discharges developed at several locations as groundwater levels rose after mine pit dewatering ceased.

Our role

  • Full time site superintendent on site.
  • Routine groundwater and surface water monitoring.
  • Operation of leachate collection system for transfers into the pit lake.
  • Operation of NPDES discharge system during winter high flow months to lower pit lake levels.
  • In-situ treatment of pit lake water on an annual basis.
  • Closure design, permitting and construction management of waste management units as needed .
  • Implementation of contingency water management measures during extreme wet periods (i.e. water transfers between pits).
  • All NPDES reporting.
  • Interaction with regulatory agencies.
  • Conduct routine site maintenance using local contractors.

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