National Coast Guard Museum Rendering by Payette

National Coast Guard Museum NEPA Environmental Assessment


Connecticut, USA

SLR was retained by the National Coast Guard Museum Association to undertake a Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA) to evaluate the environmental impacts related to the construction and operation of an approximately 80,000 square foot six-story museum along the Thames River in downtown New London under the National Environmental Policy Act.

Specific proposed action elements that are the subject of the SEA include:

  • Acquisition of approximately 15,000 square feet of land area;
  • Adjustment of property boundaries;
  • Construction of approximately 225 linear feet of bulkhead and fill along the shoreline of the Thames River;
  • Demolition of approximately 3,300 square feet of the City Pier Plaza to provide compensatory open water;
  • Completion of site and utility improvements on land and in the water to accommodate the Museum and water exhibits; and
  • Long-term construction and operation of the Museum.

The project site is located within the Federal Emergency Management Agency designated VE flood zone, requiring a rigorous flood analysis and sustainability review.

Due to existing traffic and parking needs, along with a significant number of projects in the downtown area, cumulative traffic impacts were evaluated for the broader downtown New London area in a comprehensive traffic and parking assessment.

The assessment includes development of a Programmatic Agreement with the State Office of Historic Preservation and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation as well as Section 106 consultation.

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