A colorful Gouldian Finch at site location

Mt Todd Project Gouldian Finch Management


Northern Territory, Australia

Under the EPBC Act Approval for the operation of the Mt Todd Gold Mine (Northern Territory, Australia), Vista Gold is required to ensure that the project has no impact on the distribution, abundance or health of the endangered Gouldian Finch, or its habitat. SLR was tasked with developing and implementing a Gouldian Finch Management Plan (GFMP) and a Gouldian Finch Monitoring Methodology (GFMM).

The Plans call for annual monitoring of finches at the site including health (initially measured as stress physiology and body condition), and abundance, and habitat monitoring including assessment of seed production of the seasonally critical Cockatoo Grass in lowland drainages. 

Delivery of Finch monitoring has been conducted in collaboration with research staff from Charles Darwin University, and included trials of innovative techniques to collect abundance and physiological condition data. The Plans are currently undergoing revision based on the outcomes of surveys to dates, and input from the Gouldian Finch Technical Advisory Committee for the project.

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