Hardrock Project

Hardrock Project


Geraldton, Ontario

Greenstone Gold Mines proposes to construct, operate and ultimately decommission/close a new open pit gold mine, process plant, and associated ancillary facilities, collectively known as the Hardrock Project. At full capacity, the Project will process up to 30,000 tonnes per day of ore. The Project is located approximately 275 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay, in the Municipality of Greenstone, Ward of Geraldton.

The Hardrock Project received Federal and Provincial Environmental Assessment (EA) approval in December 2018 and March 2019, respectively.

SLR team members have been involved in the Hardrock Project for many years. While employed at another firm, team members undertook:

  • Coordination of a comprehensive, multi-season and multi-disciplinary environmental baseline program.
  • Completion of a coordinated Federal/ Provincial EA. Key milestones in the EA process included the development of a Terms of Reference, Consultation Plans, Project Description and delivery of a coordinated EA, which included conceptual closure and management/ monitoring plans.


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