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Growing our Historic Buildings offering in Europe

The built environment comprises everything that surrounds us; it is our history represented in physical form - and where both new and old exist side by side. Understanding the history of sites in order for them to prosper is key to unravelling the potential of historic fabric. And that potential is far greater than we often assume, while the lessons these properties offer can be monumental. Restoring or reusing our historic buildings is not only sustainable but enables the built environment to be shaped towards the needs of present and future owners/users in unique and creative ways.

At SLR, our Historic Buildings offering is growing in our European region. Our enthusiasm and wide-ranging expertise - in both secular buildings and places of worship, and from Romanesque through to the twentieth century - can aid developers, planners, architects, owners, custodians, local authorities, amenity societies, and a variety of other stakeholders (commercial and private) to better understand these types of properties and shape the way they are maintained, managed, and used going forward through a range of collaborative solutions. Our creative, bespoke, and pragmatic advice allows the history of a place to be unravelled and thus its significance (or what is most important), so that we may recommend possible opportunities for adaptation and intervention to meet modern needs as well as add value. And our expertise is far from limited to the immediate fabric of historic buildings; it encompasses the wider setting and environment.

We are therefore not only instrumental during the planning process but provide vital input from the very inception of projects, all the way through to strategy and delivery. Throughout, our expertise, guidance, negotiation skills, and reports can be used to facilitate clients’ desires and overcome any concerns, whilst negotiating the sometimes delicate procedures surrounding development and change in the modern climate. In turn, we allow our heritage to become our future. Whatever your needs may be, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

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