Paul Mitchell-Banks has joined SLR as the Human Environment Lead

Expanding our human environment expertise in Western Canada

We are delighted to announce that Paul Mitchell-Banks has joined SLR as the Human Environment Lead in the Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) team.

Paul will work with the SLR team to develop and implement business development strategies to expand our Human Environment services and enhance SLR’s marketplace presence and client portfolio in Western Canada.

Paul brings over 35 years of experience in land and resource planning, management, research and consultation. He has worked throughout British Columbia, the Yukon, NWT, and Alberta, as well as Europe.  Paul has also led Human Environment/Socioeconomic Teams and completed many environmental assessment processes, focusing on: Public and Indigenous Consultation and Engagement; Social and Economic Baseline and Effects Assessment; Traditional (Indigenous) Knowledge and Traditional Land Use; and Indigenous peoples chapters that include rights, interests and consultation

Paul is “excited for the opportunity to build and grow SLRs capabilities in all aspects of the human environment”

“The knowledge and expertise Paul brings is a very welcome addition to our capabilities.” noted Fiona Christiansen, ESIA Lead, “I speak for the SLR team when I say we look forward to working closely with Paul and our clients to support their project developments in western Canada.”

To discuss how Paul and the SLR team can help with the success of your next project, please reach out via the contact button below.

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