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SLR's Jeremy Smith published in Planning Resource

Jeremy Smith Director
Jeremy Smith

Jeremy has acted as an expert witness on landscape and visual matters at over 40 inquiries and hearings. He has often been asked to assess and design large-scale developments, particularly those in sensitive locations such as national landscape designations and Green Belt. He has worked on large scale mineral and waste projects, power projects and residential and commercial developments, and has also drafted guidance for the Environment Agency and Local Authorities. Jeremy has also carried out landscape projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

SLR’s Jeremy Smith (Technical Discipline Manager for Landscape Architecture) was featured in Planning Resource magazine last week. In an article discussing the contested issue of valued landscape, Jeremy is quoted on the subject, sharing his views on the use of guidelines for resolving whether a landscape is indeed valued.

The online version is only available to subscribers. If you do have a log-in you can view the article on Planning Resource online. And if you happen to have a copy to hand, Jeremy is featured on page 14.


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