Gold Sponsor of the upcoming Mine Water Solutions 2022 in Vancouver, Canada

SLR sponsors upcoming Mine Water Solutions 2022

Tue 14 Jun, 2022
Parq Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

We are proud to sponsor Mine Water Solutions 2022, the fourth in this innovative conference series. This hybrid event will take place from Tuesday, June 14th through Thursday, June 16 at the Parq Hotel in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The event will examine a wide range of mine water management issues and provide a forum for presenting and discussing successful practises that enable responsible mining in challenging environments.
Mine Water Solutions 2022 will include the following topics:

  • Mine Water Characterisation, Prediction and Monitoring
  • Operational Water Management
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Resilience - Risk or Resource?
  • Mine Water Management
  • Water Tailings Management
  • Closure Water Management
  • Mine Water and Communities

Stop by our booth #3 where U.S. Mining & Minerals Sector Lead Jeremy Scott Collyard, European Land & Water Operations Manager Jason Dodd, APAC Geotechnics & Mine Waste Engineering Technical Director Danielle O’Toole, and Principal Wastewater Engineer Jeremy Aulbach will be in attendance.

Jeremy Scott Collyard, US Mining & Minerals Sector Lead, will be presenting “Innovative Approach to Active and Passive Water Treatment for Complex Water Quality Applications: The Removal and Recovery of Transition, Post-transition, Lanthanide, and Actinide Metals”.

Jason Dodd, Europe Land and Water Technical Discipline Manager, will be presenting “Tiered Approach to Successful Construction of Sulfate Rich Water Passive Treatment System”. The presentation will focus on the design of a passive sulfate reduction system treatment system to treat elevated sulfate within leachate from an old landfill. The design is based on the results of a “staged process” of bench and pilot-scale testing. The success of the bench scale project led to a pilot scale system being constructed and monitored in Spring 2020, the results of which confirmed the success of the bench scale testing and provided useful insights into the design and management of the permanent system.

Danielle O’Toole, Geotechnics & Mine Waste Engineering Technical Director, will be presenting “Climate change impact on the closure design for the rehabilitation of the former Rum Jungle Uranium Mine”.

Mine Water Solutions
June 14 – 16, 2022
Parq Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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