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An overview of HAZID and HAZOP - in association with the Chemical Industries Association

Thu 07 Jul, 2022
Virtual Learning Environment

Why attend?

HAZID and HAZOP are two widely utilised techniques for the identification of hazards in the process industries. Identification of hazards is the important first step in carrying out a risk assessment, something that all health and safety legislation requires.

This one day course will enable you to:

  • Understand the principles that underline all types of risk assessment
  • Ensure your risk assessments are proportionate and appropriate
  • Manage the risk assessment process within your organisation or department

This course uses practical workshops in the HAZID and HAZOP technique tailored to typical warehousing and storage operations, and provides you with tips and techniques for use.

The workshop provides a basic insight into aspects of the identification of hazards using the HAZID and HAZOP techniques including:

  • Understanding when and why HAZID and HAZOP should be used
  • Practical workshops on how to use HAZID and HAZOP tools

Throughout the day you will be able to put your questions to an expert in these techniques, and engage with the other learners to share good practice.


Date & location

7th July 2022

10:00 - 16:00 (Timezone: London, GMT+1)

This event will be hosted via our Virtual Learning Environment. You will be provided with login details once your registration has been accepted.



10:00 - Welcome

10:15 - Principles of Hazard Identification Techniques

10:45 - Linkage of Hazard Identification with Risk Assessment

11:15 - Linkage with Relevant Good Practice

11:30 - Workshop - HAZID - Chemical Warehouse

12:40 - Lunch

13:15 - Introduction to HAZOP

13:45 - Workshop - HAZOP - Road Tanker Delivery to Storage Tank

15:15 - Q&A/Final Discussion

16:00 - Close


Who should attend?

You should attend if you undertake, participate in or manage risk assessments in the Process Industries.

This will include:

Managers, supervisors, engineers, operators, technicians and health and safety professionals.

Note: This course is for Storage, Distribution and Manufacturing Companies only.


Registration and fees

This event costs -  

310.00 GBP (ex. VAT) - CIA Member

360.00 GBP (ex. VAT) - Non-Member

While this event is hosted by SLR, registration costs are paid directly to the trade association, you will be sent a direct link once you have registered your interest with us.