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Integrating Carbon Capture with Anaerobic Digestion

Thu 08 Dec, 2022

This event is being held in association with the Chemical Industries Association. 

About the event

The use of anaerobic digestion (AD) is a part of a broad range of technologies that will be essential to decarbonising the gas and electricity network in the UK. Since 2015, most new AD plants were upgrading their biogas. This was to take this biogas, a mix of mostly methane and  CO2 , and transform it into biomethane, which is mostly methane with propane and odourant added and inject it into the gas grid. This helps make a proportion of the gas in the network renewable, but the CO2 separated would be vented to atmosphere – a missed opportunity to further lower the carbon impact of the process. 
In recent years, some first movers have started to add CO2 capture plants to their AD assets, with the captured used as product.  

This webinar will explain the capture process as it sits within an AD plant, give an overview of the CO2 market, and look at the production potential of AD in the UK. 


Thursday 8th December 2022

11.30am – 12.30pm (Timezone: London, GMT+1)


Euan Munro, Associate Engineer, SLR

Euan joined SLR’s Process Engineering team in November 2016. He is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and holds an MEng in Chemical Engineering from Edinburgh University.  
He has seven years of operational experience from a grain whisky distillery and three beet sugar factories. This included a focus on turning the waste streams from the processes into viable co-products like animal feed, fertiliser, topsoil, and biogas.  

Since joining SLR Euan has been involved in several projects with a particular focus on the use of anaerobic digestion (AD). This has included a feasibility study for a small-scale AD at a Zoo, reviewing the potential for distillery feedstocks at a dry AD plant on the Western Isles, and an options assessment of wastewater treatment for a plant converting food waste (that was fit for human consumption) to animal feed. 

Euan has also led multiple projects on carbon capture at AD sites. This included due diligence on a bolt-on Dry Ice unit at a plant in Scotland, and then acting as technical support for the main AD plant during the bolt on installation. He then managed and was technical lead on a feasibility study for the biogas upgrading and carbon capture at a food waste AD plant in South Africa. 

Who should attend

Site engineers, Facilities managers, Site managers, Maintenance Managers and  Design Engineers. It may also be of interest to users of CO2, those involved in ESG strategy and anyone with an interest in Anaerobic Digestion. 
This webinar is for manufacturing, storage and distribution companies only.

Registration & fees

This webinar is free to attend. Please register using the link above.