Our culture
The five Bs

Our 5Bs mean that at SLR you can expect to be safe, belong, be trusted, be yourself and be successful. You can expect people to provide this culture and environment for you and we expect you to provide the same for others.

Be safe

Safety and wellbeing lies at the heart of SLR’s culture. Our motto is "one team, all safe"


We are “One Team”: collaborative, considerate and supportive. We are team players who contribute and value each other.

Be yourself

We are respectful, diverse and inclusive. We expect everyone to be open, honest and forward-looking.

Be trusted

We are trusting, fair and flexible and ask everyone to be responsible, trustworthy and to demonstrate faith in others.

Be successful

We are making a difference and building successful careers. We want everyone to be professional, commercial, entrepreneurial and committed to development.

Putting it into practice
Our 'one team' culture influences decision-making and behaviours

To help with the development of our business and the central role culture plays in that, we use the 5Bs to describe our culture and explain what we mean by “one team”. This means we have clear expectations of behaviour; a framework for development discussions and fair reward; guidance on building a successful career; and consistent messaging on our unique and special employee offering. We are also able to sustain our culture as we grow.

Pam Harris

Pam Harris


It’s important for everyone to feel they belong at SLR, however long they’ve been here and by whatever route they arrived. From day one the US teams – covering original SLR and the recent MMI arrivals - have been working collaboratively to make everyone feel part of ‘One Team’!

David Moorey

David Moorey


I joined SLR in March 2020, right at the start of the UK’s restrictions for Covid-19. Whilst it’s been a really challenging period to join a new business, I’ve been supported to work differently and more flexibly to deliver outcomes and to “Be Successful”.

Join the team
Working at SLR

We want to attract and retain the best people in our industry. So whether you are a recent graduate, a more experienced professional or maybe even a team or business looking to take the next step, if your goal is to be part of a growing company with an exciting future that will help you shape and realise your ambitions, then we want to hear from you.

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